not scared?


how did you get here!?
well, okay…

just don’t mess with anything!

strange marks

there are strange marks all over the place, on all kinds of surfaces

rahil’s site, my first web-site, kept since 2005?
the mind of rathewolf, reserved as a place for my philosophies, my language: my mind
the way of fighting games: a willowolf, a digital community space focused on fighting games
the way of experimental games: a willowolf, a digital community space focused on experimental games
the way of nature’s guardian: a willowolf, a digital community space focused on the true way to live: with nature, slowly, uncivilized


maybe should just include the portfolio here, so everything is on one page

first section of my old web-site

Herro. I’m Rahil. And this is my digital room.

It’s kinda like my actual bed-room: an organized mess. On this site you can see things I’ve made, organized things I’ve written, things I’ve recently written, and even more things… One day I’m going to add some rooms, one for my spirit and one for my my will!

Note: I’ve been out of the digital world for several years. During that time, I’ve lost my server twice and very-likely lost my hard-drives too; When I hastily recovered this site, I used the latest version of software, a 4 year difference, so, beware of site problems.

On this page, you can see what I try to do, how I try to do them, and what I like or like to do.